The winds of change


A storm comes in

After a tiring day at work, my spirits lifted when the wind picked up and blew in the leading edge of a storm! The wind was rushing and roaring, picking up dust. Around 6:30 the air turned colder, and the clouds sat at the horizon, almost like they were waiting for the cover of darkness to creep in. A thin moon wafted through the western sky, accompanied by a few bright stars. A whisper of snow in the high country was on the fast-moving air.

The day is over, but the storm is just beginning!


2 thoughts on “The winds of change

  1. I did a Google search looking for an alternate ending to “The Winds of ….” I didn’t find anything really clever. Winds of War. Winds of Winter. Winds of Dune. Winds of Jihad. Winds of Autumn. Winds of Darkover. Meh. Nothing really grabbed me.

    I could comment on the fact that winds occur when pressure changes. I would then say that maybe you are seeing less pressure on work and life and everything and that is why you like winds? No, I don’t want to say anything so heavy.

    I could comment on the word change and maybe you are excited to face changes in your own status quo. No, again, too heavy.

    Instead, I will just say thank you for your poetic phraseology and making us take a look at a common meteorological event as an exciting life event.

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