Random images

Things I saw in an elementary school today:

Bulletin boards dedicated to Arizona’s Centennial

Worn books in the library

Kids working diligently

Kids goofing around and not caring about their work

A random christmas tree shape on the floor

Cute, age-appropriate outfits on some little girls

Inappropriate t-shirts

“Lost and found” clothing draped over the stage in the hope it will be identified and taken home (don’t the kids realize they’re missing this stuff?? And don’t the parents want to know where it is?? It costs money, after all)

Big bully-looking boys who are really nice kids.

Kids misbehaving because they haven’t been taught by their parents how to behave

Broken pencils

A broken pencil sharpener on the wall

Black scuff marks in the hallway

Fingerprints on computer screens

Tired teachers


2 thoughts on “Random images

  1. Hey, I resemble that remark. You cannot be sure parents did not teach kids how to behave. I know my parents taught me, but I still (occasionally, of course) had my moments. In high school Chemistry class, I was sent to the office for “inciting a riot” once. I ended up getting three swats.

    Scuff marks? They could have come from the teachers. After all, I always wore sneakers, which would not leave a mark.

    I notice that on many of the items, you mentioned their opposite was noticed, also. However, I saw on “tired teachers” mentioned and not energized ones. Actually, that one, I understand. By Friday, I know the kids have worn everyone down.

    • Randy, that kind of occasional “misbehavior” is really quite minor. Today I saw a kid (around 8 years old) that had to be subdued by five adults, one a big man, who got kicked (hard) in the stomach for his trouble. And this happens more often than I care to think about.

      Lots of teachers who are close to retirement are thinking of ways to do that now. These are good teachers who care about the kids. If these politicians who come up with these crazy ideas of how to bring test scores up want to get into the classroom and teach, then have at it. That’s all they care about is test scores. They don’t care that human beings and their associated variables, students, teachers, and parents, are involved.

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