Unaccompanied Bach!

When I finished practicing my violin tonight I realized that I had devoted most of about 45 minutes to four measures of music! No wonder, it’s unaccompanied Bach, more specifically, the Giga from the Partita No. 2 in D minor. Because Bach is modulating in different keys throughout a series of measures, it sounds a little dissonant while I’m learning it, and I had to go to the piano to play it there first, then check it on the violin. I was not trusting myself that I was getting the notes right, and the piano is my “native” instrument. I was getting it right, for the most part, but I wanted to make sure it was correct so I wouldn’t “learn” it wrong, that is, learn the sound of it as I play it, wrong.

This music is a challenge, and I love that I can play it, after much practice, of course. It’s really weird how I seem to be able to fairly easily learn the fingerings and subtleties of playing difficult violin music. I love getting a nice “juicy” (challenging) piece of music to agonize over for a while, and then make it into wonderful music. But I do have to pick it apart thread by thread, learn it, and then weave it back into the music the composer intended everyone to hear.

Sometimes that’s difficult, but it is so worth the effort for the eventual thrill of getting a difficult piece of music right!


6 thoughts on “Unaccompanied Bach!

  1. So how about playing at the AZBeemer rally this year instead of that coboy music we have to keep listening to. You could maybe even accompany the belly dancers.

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