Three important things

Today’s writing prompt: List three things that are important to you. 

1. Family and friends. No time more than the past few weeks has illustrated to me more graphically the importance of support from family and friends. The loss of my mother has been beyond terrible.

2. Music. Tonight I got back to regular violin lessons after much too long. Circumstances prevented it, but I never stopped working on my music, just not as much as I wanted to. I’ve found violin playing to be comforting and absorbing. I am thinking of auditioning for … something … in the future. I will have to get over my “stage fright” first, though! It’s one thing to play for myself in my practice room, and quite another to play in front of a crowd of people.

3. Freedom. Of course, the freedom to be able to ride my motorcycle, and to have time to ride. We are in the process of planning our vacations for the upcoming months! There will be plenty of adventures to write about soon. I am looking forward to it!


One thought on “Three important things

  1. 1. I totally agree that family and friends are important whether you are in a good mood, bad, happy, sad, surly, churlish, whatever.
    2. “Music hath charms to soothe a savage breast, to soften rocks, or bend a knotted oak.” William Congreve
    3. Since you chose to call this entry Freedom rather than Motorcycling or something, I agree. We all use that freedom differently, but that will give us each our own capability to express ourselves in our chosen way.

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