Glorying in past adventures

Adventure riding in New Mexico

I am  thinking about past adventurous fun I have had on the bikes in the past year (and all the years before that), and longing to be having some of that fun again soon. I thought of New Mexico, one of my favorite (close) places, and here is one of my favorite photos from the trip last November.


2 thoughts on “Glorying in past adventures

  1. So this is in New Mexico, right? Yet you are on a dirt bike. Did you ride that all the way from home or did you trailer it over there and then ride locally? Seems like a long hard ride if you rode the whole 1000+ miles on it.

    • Randy,

      You are right, we trailered during that trip and rode locally. Hal could have made it on his bike, he’s “manly-er” than I am, but it would have been difficult for me on the 225! This trip was the only one on which we’ve ever taken the car and trailered the little bikes. It was super-fun, though!

      Thanks so much for always reading my blog. I appreciate your loyalty.

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