Alien invasion, and some fiddlin’ around

Hal and I, looking like aliens! We were dressed exactly alike.

This morning I officially got back on the road, literally and figuratively, as we rode to Gila Bend, and Ajo.

I wanted to try out my new helmet, (yes, I finally got it), and I also wanted to go to the old time fiddling competition in Ajo. We’ve gone to that event for several years, but missed it last year. We thought last time that Sunday was the day to go, and so, as the opportunity presented itself today, we went.

Breakfast was in Gila Bend, at the Space Age restaurant. We posed as aliens for the above photo in keeping with the theme of the restaurant. The last time I was there was when we were on the way home from our California trip, and it was about 112°. Thankfully, it was much cooler today, around 65°. We had stopped there to cool down, and it was then that I decided I needed a new helmet. I had a headache from the wind buffeting, not to mention the extreme heat after spending a week in cool weather. It took me so long to get a new helmet because they are so expensive, but after a while safety outweighs expense.

Breakfast was great, and soon we headed south to just outside of Ajo where the fiddling competition was being held. Again, I was amazed at the amount of talent in that one little place. At the end, there was a tie for the top award between two amazing fiddlers. We had to leave, though, before we found out who won, but we did get to hear them play.

It was a pleasant day, the bike ran great, and it was a nice break from the depression of the week.


One thought on “Alien invasion, and some fiddlin’ around

  1. I just surfed the web looking to find the Ajo Fiddler of the Year from yesterday’s contest, but no luck. Sorry. Still, I am glad to see you “back on the road, literally and figuratively.”

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