Music time warp

I love 80s music.

For some reason, I was thinking about one of my favorite bands, Romeo Void, the other day. I had a tape of their music back then that I played over and over and over until the tape broke, and by then CDs were coming into vogue. All the Romeo Void music I had was on records, you know, those vinyl things, and I inexplicably left Romeo Void behind in all the upheaval.

The other day a phrase from one of their songs popped into my head, and when I got to the computer that night I searched for them on iTunes. Amazingly, I found a collection of their songs, which included most of my favorites, called Warm in Your Coat, only disappointingly, it was actually called “Warm, in Your Coat,” which is grammatically incorrect. Normally, I can’t stand that, but in this case, I overlooked it and purchased the album.

I’ve been playing it ever since, in the car, at the gym as I work out, on the iPod as I walk. Crazy, but in a good way. I haven’t heard those songs for 25 years. They sparked great memories of that time, and I am glad of the pleasant memories.


4 thoughts on “Music time warp

  1. I am similarly drawn to the music of my youth in the 70s. Some of the old songs are less appealing now, such as DOA by Bloodrock or songs by Black Sabbath. Others, such as the Beatles and Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young, are still fun for me, just like Romeo Void for you. BTW, I have no idea who Romeo Void is. The 80s were a time of working hard to build a career and raising kids, so I did not keep track of the music scene as much. All of that is to say I am glad you found some music to re-energize your workout and your life.

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