Have you ever noticed how shoes can affect your day?

Take, for example, days when I have to wear a stupid outfit to work. By that I mean some stuffed shirt, “suit” kind of proper outfit that I hate. I am never comfortable in that kind of clothes even though most people think it is “dressing professionally.” It is SO not who I am, a stuffed shirt type, that is. To me, it just looks stupid. It’s like having to wear a costume. I should be able to wear jeans every day with a decent shirt, sweater, or maybe even a blazer on top. I don’t know what is wrong with that.

When I have to dress in the clown-like costume, though, I make sure I am wearing a good pair of workout shoes with the outfit. They’re nice workout shoes, but they make me feel so much more comfortable. When I have happy feet, I am happy, too. I can’t even imagine prancing around in a pair of high heels. I would totally be in a bad mood until I got some decent shoes back on my feet.

As many shoes as I have, all I really want is a new pair of blue and white Asics. I have a pair that is about three or four years old now, and they are my favorites for any occasion. I would like a new pair because I have worked out in them for years, washed them several times, and they are starting to wear out. There are holes in the liners, but they aren’t too bad yet. I have a bunch of workout shoes, most are other brands and not purchased by me, but my dream closet would be filled with at least 10 pairs of Asics, my favorite brand. The majority of them would be blue and white, too.

Tomorrow I have to dress in basic black so I look “professional.” Ugh. But, you know I will be wearing black workout shoes on my feet!  😉


2 thoughts on “Shoes

  1. Are you talking about these shoes? (

    I don’t know much about shoes. I have a black dress pair, brown dress, black tennies, and brown hiking boots. That’s it. I have set of sole inserts for arch support, but I use the same ones no matter which pair of shoes I wear.

    As far as work attire, I am now in a job where I do not wear long sleeves and tie, so I have on a polo shirt and slacks nowadays. Whoo hoo.

    • Yes, those shoes are good. Any Asics are great as far as I am concerned.

      Lucky you. When it’s a big boss day, we have to dress up at work. We never used to have to, it’s that we now have someone as a boss who has to have the perfect outfit on every day, so it’s expected that we at least make an attempt to dress “nice.” There are so many overweight people where I work that nothing they wear is going to look good.

      “You can put lipstick on a pig, but it’s still a pig.”

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