Today was kind of a robotic, even though I did a lot of things that I liked. I enjoyed dancing this morning, my usual Saturday morning pleasure. After that I went to Goodwill for some shopping. It was strangely quiet in the store, it wasn’t a 50% off day. I didn’t find anything spectacular today, but I wasn’t really in the mood. I thought about some jeans, and a tie-dye t-shirt. I always thought that if I finally ran away, that is what I would do, stop in at the local Goodwill and get some different clothes, things that would help me make myself into the new person that I wanted to be.

In the afternoon, I took my F800ST in to my mechanic for service. It is not quite at the mileage for scheduled maintenance, but close enough, plus I am hearing and feeling a “funny” noise. I am usually right about these things, so I didn’t ignore it. Better safe than sorry, and I would rather take care of any issues now before my summer riding season starts.

But thinking about my riding season opened up a whole galaxy of longing. I am longing to be on the road, and have already started planning the first trip, which may be to Death Valley, CA. Boring, you think, but there are so many interesting (to me) geological features, I want to go there. We were actually within six miles of its entrance last year, but who wants to go there in July, right? It will be soon if we go.

I still want to get to Ocean Beach, where I have wanted to go since being on the way home last July (remember me begging to sleep in a broom closet?). It’s beautiful in the San Diego area in the winter, when the water and sky are almost the same color gray, and it’s so cozy to sit on the beach wrapped in a blanket.

This summer sounds like northern California, and the Pacific Northwest. I don’t know if I’ll make it to Alaska this year, it might still be a plan for years to come. Plans for further in the future still include Canada, Newfoundland, New Zealand, Iceland, not all on the same trip, obviously.

Tomorrow, however, just a few miles around town on the F650GS is all I can manage, due to other commitments, but I am not giving up any more riding days after this. Life’s too short, as I am painfully aware.


One thought on “Longing

  1. I have never made it to the Pacific Northwest. I will be jealous if that is what you decide. Well, jealous in that I would like to see the area. Not jealous with regards to such a long drive, both to get there and then to return. That’s a long way even in a car.

    And we have a niece that is moving to New Zealand for 18 months, but I am not sure we can pull together the funds to go see her. What an opportunity it would be, though.

    And how come Iceland has so much green, and Greenland has so much ice? Who named those places. huh?

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