A winter night


Darkness and glowing lights
fill the silence
that descends like a blanket
over the ivory stillness
of a winter night.

As night sweeps across the Earth
I dissolve
into the liquid of sleep
and dream warm dreams.

The fire is banked down
but its rouged coals languish
long after midnight.
Outside, the snow
is an unbroken hard crust,
a crystalline cold line,
blue in the moonlight.

The world is quiet
in the deep cold darkness
of early morning
for the light to return.


One thought on “A winter night

  1. Suddenly, I woke up, frightened.
    Wasn’t that the sound of writin’?
    Writin’ on my blog at night?
    So, I penned this little dictation,
    using night as my inspiration,
    then fell asleep with exultation,
    knowing my blog was once again right.
    Yes, writin’ on my blog at night.

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