15 simple pleasures

After a horrible day at work, I was trying to make my attitude improve to something more positive, so I thought about 15 simple pleasures that I enjoy. Here they are, in no particular order:

1. Clean, white sheets on the bed

2. Petting the soft fur of one of my dogs

3. Dancing

4. Getting an opportunity to take a great photograph

5. All the bikes cleaned up and in the garage waiting for the next adventure

6. The heated seats in my car

7. Being able to enjoy music

8. Being able to play music

9. Getting a compliment

10. Finding a great bargain at Goodwill

11. Helping someone learn to do something

12. Feeling warm and content on a rainy day

13. Touching the sleek soft fur of a cat

14. Feeding the chickens before I go to work and listening to their pleasant little noises

15. Laying on the couch watching an interesting mystery on TV

Okay, I feel better now.


5 thoughts on “15 simple pleasures

  1. Not surprisingly, I would include some of your 15 on my list of 15 while others would be conspicuously absent. For one thing, none of our sheets are white. None of our cars have heated seats (Hey, where’s your heated biking outfit that you mention often in the blog?). I’ve got no chickens. And no motorcycles. And I’m not much of a dancer (to my wife’s chagrin). Still, thanks for an interesting list.

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