Sick of these people

Guess what made that big hole in this snake?

Yesterday we saw this snake in the middle of the unpaved road we were on. I assumed that because the snake was in the middle of the road someone had accidentally run over it. Since it was still moving and it is a rattlesnake, I didn’t get close enough to it to see what actually had happened. When Hal, who took this photo, checked it today, he found that the snake had a hole in it made by a bullet.

I can’t even relate to a person who thinks shooting a living thing is “fun,” or “funny.” I have nothing against guns but I do have anger toward a person who shoots an animal and leaves it writhing in pain in the middle of a road, dying, and that person probably laughed while he or she shot it. I wish that person could have the same thing done to them.

This goes along with the uncaring stupidity of many people, the same type of people who shot holes in that stop sign that was in the photo I included in the post yesterday. Did they think about where those bullets were going after they went through the stop sign? I doubt it.

The disregard for life, and the callousness and stupidity has to stop. I wish I could think of a way to give people a coherent, logical thought process, but I guess if I knew how to do that I’d be doing it.


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