What I am “bad” at

Today’s post topic: what ordinary skill are you bad at? Maybe its tying your shoelaces, or parallel parking cars, but we all have something very simple that we just don’t do very well. Write about yours.

Step right up!

Mine is kind of stupid. Well, I suppose everyone says that, but mine really is. Mine is climbing stairs. If I don’t climb them quickly, I start thinking about the act of climbing them, and then I kind of forget where I am placing my feet. Then I have to slow down and make my mind let go of it. You can see why I don’t use the “Stairstepper” at the gym!

It’s kind of the same principal as “memorizing” music. If I think about it, I can’t do it, but if I just let my fingers do it, I am fine. Muscle memory is sometimes better than brain memory.


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