How socks organize themselves

Tension in the sock drawer!

In the sock drawer things were a little tense. Not only did it seem super crowded late on this particular Saturday, the day the wash was done, but the pairs were uncharacteristically mis-joined.

“WTF!” said Syd. “How did we all get so jumbled?”

“I don’t know,” lamented Cherise. “Maybe the woman has her mind on the holidays or something. She usually doesn’t get us so mixed up.”

“Well, really, how is she supposed to know? I’m sure we all look alike to her!” said Syd.

“We’re never mixed up!” chorused Priscilla and Patty , giggling. True enough, no one looked like them, covered in lace and all.

“It mostly affects those of us who are in the common majority, either the black socks, or the white socks. We never get mixed up with the other group, but we do get mixed up with each other,” said Fred.

“Yes, this is one place where segregation is a good thing!” said Barney.

“Okay, let’s get this thing going,” said Ken.

“It’ll be fun! I love a good tumble!” said Barbie.

“Okay then,” said Ken. “Let’s try and do this in a somewhat organized way. It’ll be a clockwise flow, from top to bottom. When you find your partner, step out of the pattern,” said Ken in an authoritative way.

Everyone took up their positions, waiting for the signal. “Annnnndddd … Go!” shouted Ken.

The socks moved sluggishly at first. Everyone was jostling for position, but once it started moving, it was an orderly movement. If anyone had opened the drawer at that particular moment, looking at it from a human’s-eye view, the inside of the drawer would have looked like large insects moving within it, or maybe even a whirlpool of socks.

Rare shot of a leaping sock!

But quickly, the socks paired up with their rightful partners and the stream slowed. As the last socks folded into place, peace and orderliness reigned once again in the sock drawer.

“That was fun!” said Barbie. She was all about fun.

The sock drawer settled down, the fluff was out of the day. No one was jammed up against the bottom of the drawer above them, and everyone was in their rightful place.

Soon, all the socks were drowsy and lulled into their Saturday night calm, and all was well once again in the world of socks!


3 thoughts on “How socks organize themselves

  1. The human walked away, satisfied that the Great Sock Clean-up had been a success. However, from somewhere near the drier, the ROCKS (as the Rogue sOCKS called themselves) rejoiced that they had not been discovered. Most of the ROCKS were not sure where their partners were, but somehow, HuJo (Human Jo) had not noticed that they were still some mismatches in the Sock Hopper. The ROCKS were still trying to convince some other articles of clothing to join them, but without much success. It was just as well, though. Shirts without a sleeve or pants without a leg were more likely to be noticed.

    • LOL!

      I have more “sock stories” up my sleeve! At least the sleeve that is still on the shirt …

      I’m thinking of some quirky “fashion” page, too, in the next couple of days. See what happens when my mind is “idle” for a few days? Scary.

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