Christmas Day


Today was a nice Christmas Day, nothing special or exciting, just a nice day to relax and get a few things done around the house. One of the things that I rarely get to do is garden, but today I planted the plants that I got yesterday at the end of the day. I had cleaned out the flower bed where they were going to be planted, and today I was ready to plant. It was fun and relaxing, just digging and playing around in the dirt, arranging the colors how I wanted them. This was what it looked like when I was done:


I watered the roses in the front yard, and on the way out there, I stood under this tree:


The drone of a thousand bees filled the air overhead, as they sipped from the fuzzy flowers of the tree. It felt like a lazy island of summer in the middle of Christmas Day. It was warm and drowsy there in that little space.

After that, I hung out with my brother in law, drinking coffee and tea in the sun. I looked up and saw the sun “perched” on top of this pine tree:

Remain in light

Then we went in and ate our Christmas “lunch,” which my husband made! I did the cleanup later, which was only fair. I had a Christmas snooze after that, then went outside to plant a rose, then I came in and practiced my violin, and watched the Green Bay Packers win yet another game.

It was a great day because it was so relaxing, and so different from the usual days of stress and running around. I love how on Christmas Day if you listen for the distant sound of traffic, it isn’t there. Quiet descends and everyone seems calmer (except kids) at least by late in the day. It is a rare day of peace.

Back to the frenzy tomorrow, unfortunately. However, I am hoping to escape on the bike for at least part of the day.


One thought on “Christmas Day

  1. I think you must be a gardener deluxe. Why do I say that? Somehow, in the After photo above, your flowers are staying put, even though they seem to be perpendicular. Pretty cool, I must say.

    I’m glad you had a chance to relax and do something you love on Christmas.

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