The week in review

It’s been a wild week. It started with wild kids, the excitement of Christmas, a half-day of school for the kids on Wednesday, and complete exhaustion at the end of the day for me. Of course, that did not stop me from working out every day, and it was well worth it. The week is ending with motorcycle riding, and concern for my mother, who is very sick this Christmas.

So, here are a few of the highlights of the week in photos. These are not necessarily representative, nor is it a complete collection, but these are just a few of the things that happened:

Tuesday. The car hits 30,000 miles, after six years. All my miles go on my bikes, obviously.

Wednesday: "Jeffrey" makes another appearance on my whiteboard at school, this time dressed for winter fun, and he brought a friend, too!


Thursday: gardening. When it looks like brownie mix, you know the soil mixture is all good!

This is "Big Boy." He was hanging out on the front lawn today while I did some yardwork. He is showing me his best side.

Right in the middle of a big "crow"! (flirting with the hens who were on the other side of the driveway)

A big beautiful red Christmas rose

The burnished copper seed pods of a Mexican Bird of Paradise plant

The slanted winter rays of honey-colored light find these golden roses

This evening I went with my riding partner, Hal, on our good ol’ “happy hour” ride, which we haven’t gotten to do for almost a year now, to Sunflower and back. It was a cold ride since my heated jacket liner kind of overloaded and shut down about halfway through, but it miraculously came back. I was afraid yet another piece of riding gear had worn out, but this time I was lucky.

The twilight was beautiful, starting on the way out of town with Four Peaks, covered lightly in snow, pink with the late day light. Then, as we turned around in Sunflower, we saw Mt. Ord, also lightly covered in snow, to the north. To the west, the mountains made a hard-edged silhouette against the gunmetal blue/gray of the western sky. A layer of red glowed at the rim of the world as we started going south, but it was very cold, 41° at the turn-around point.

The ride down the turns was cold for me, and I wasn’t able to hit the speeds I usually do because I was stiff and shivering. At the edge of town, the Christmas lights of Fountain Hills glowed warm, scattered over the blackness of the hillside against the last hint of light in the sky. Finally, the jacket liner came back and I felt the warmth start to come back as well, little by little.

We came in to town and went to Paradise Bakery where we exchanged gifts, motorcycle related, of course!  I have a wonderful riding life, and I am grateful for every moment of it. I hope I can do it forever.



2 thoughts on “The week in review

  1. Hey, you should post a photo of the Bird of Paradise when it is in bloom. I love those.

    I’m glad your jacket still heats. Do you have a cooling one for the summers?

    Merry Christmas, Jo.

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