I am sorry to say that my kids finally sneezed and coughed on me, then blew their noses and touched everything around me, so I finally succumbed to sickness. I am not happy about that, but that’s what happens this time of year, and I am sure I will be over it soon.

Tonight I did make time to practice my violin, though, even though standing there playing was making me tired by the end. I don’t think I sounded that good, and about halfway through I had to re-tune my E string because it got sharper as the room became warmer (I had the space heater on).

Normally when I practice, I feel like I unravel the skeins of music, take apart each strand and work on it note by note, then knit it all back together into recognizable music at the end. I wasn’t quite as diligent and meticulous tonight as I usually am, but at least I did work.

Currently, I am resting, drinking green tea, and hoping for the best tomorrow. I am sure I will be over this soon and able to make some progress on my music again!


2 thoughts on “Practicing

  1. It’s good that, even as you were unraveling physically, you could unravel the music emotionally and reravel it mentally (reravel? really?). Anyway, good for you. Do you ever play non-violin music like Christmas carols?

    • I sometimes play non-violin music like flute music and piano music! But no, I don’t like Christmas carols. If I want a break from classical music, I play fiddle music, which is more complicated than you think. It’s nice to do something different once in a while.

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