A rainy ride in Arizona

Well, they’re gone. The hated tires are gone. I took the hit and just got rid of them in favor of brand new Tourances on my BMW F650GS, so now all is well. Jewel (my bike) is back to normal, and I feel like I have my bike back. With those other tires, it was hard for me to even move the bike around, much less feel confident when I was riding. Made for dirt, they were much too “squirmy” on the road for me. Squirmy in the dirt as well, I thought, so it was time to take the loss and put the favorite tires back on.

Here they are, brand new and ready for the next several thousand miles:

A pretty wheel and tire on a pretty little bike

Fuzzy nubblies still intact!

I was dying to ride my 2006 F650GS today, besides, it was the bike that was closest to the door in the garage, so it was a no-brainer for me as to which one I would ride today. Plus, when I woke up, I heard steady rain on the roof of the house. The decision was sealed, and soon I geared up, ready for a fun day of riding in the rain, just like old times.

After I met my riding partner, Hal, at the most centrally-located (for us) Denny’s, and then ate a great breakfast, we hit the road. We rode west on I-10, seeking route 85 that runs south to Gila Bend, and Mexico. We weren’t going that far today, but the farther west we rode, the more the sky darkened, much to my delight. On 85, we rode right into the rain, and soon it was flying against my visor, my windscreen, and up onto my boots. Fortunately, I had chosen good rain gear and was warm and comfortable as we rode.

Our destination was Buckeye Hills Recreation Area, a destination for our riding club contest. On the way there, we crossed the Gila River, and saw that it was brilliantly-colored under the overcast sky. The rain had made everything more vivid, and the muted light made the colors “pop.” Hal also noticed many white egrets perched in the trees, their wings hunched against the falling rain, but before we could pull over safely, we were already past the river. We were both thinking we’d come back and get some photos.

Gila River

We rode to the destination, which was down a dirt road, but since Hal had his street bike, we only went in a short way to the sign. The rain had started to come down fairly hard by now, and I put away my sheepskin seat cover that I normally sit on when I ride. If it gets wet, or even damp, it stinks, and no one wants that!

Here is my bike. I guess neither one of us knows enough to come in out of the rain. It’s too much fun to be out in it!

Beautiful little F650 in the rain

After we got our photos there, we rode back to the Gila River to get some photos, and here are some of them:

Egrets on the riverbank in the rain

Colors enhanced by rain and overcast sky

After shooting several photographs, we got back on the bikes and rode back to I-10. We got off the freeway again at Cotton Lane, and then rode north to White Tanks Regional Park for Hal to get his photo of that destination. I have already taken mine, it was that day last October when I just wanted to get out and ride somewhere, and that was where I ended up. This time, the closer we got to the park, the more we could see a sheet of rain moving across the face of the mountains, moving northwest toward us. I figured we’d get there just in time for it to start coming down hard, but somehow we managed to get Hal’s photo before it started. We rode back to the freeway in it, though, and by the time we got there, my lower legs were getting damp. If there is any place I am least “waterproof,” that is it. I don’t have a big fairing up front, and the water flies off the front wheel and splashes right onto my boots and lower legs. I have to put on my real foul weather gear to prevent getting damp, and sometimes that is just too much of a pain.

We pulled into a Starbucks soon after to warm up with a hot cup of coffee. It was in a shopping center, which was crowded with people doing their Christmas shopping. They can have it, I thought. I was glad I was on my motorcycle.

Too soon we were on the way home, the sky was clearing from the west, and my fun riding day was over. It was another perfect day, though, and I am so glad my bike is back to normal!


2 thoughts on “A rainy ride in Arizona

  1. Did Hal not know where you were headed? Street bike, indeed. At least you got some off-road time.

    POTD (Photo of the Day): Egrets

    POTD (Phrase of the Day): “…their wings hunched against the falling rain….”

    POTD (Post of the Day): A rainy ride in Arizona

    POTD (Person of the Day): YOU! For taking the time to post

    POTD… No, I can’t think of any more POTD acronyms.

    • Yes, Hal knew where we were going, but most of the day was spent on pavement. He is more comfortable on the RS, but I really want him to get a dual sport comparable to the GS so we can do the fun things we used to do on the big dual sport bikes. It was still a great day, though, and worth getting wet!

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