Another rainy day! It’s a miracle!

A rift in the clouds – oh, so beautiful!

Clouds gathered, swirling into shapes that grew in power and strength as they collected moisture over the Pacific Ocean. A winter storm formed and nudged itself over into the storm track. Slowly, it was carried along until it eventually swooped down to hang briefly over Arizona where it dropped large quantities of rain and snow before moving on to the northeast.

I woke up this morning to the sound of rain, the second morning in a row that was dark and rainy. I hugged myself inside my fuzzy robe, drinking hot coffee, wanting the moment to last and last. Although I had to get up a little earlier than normal, I found that I didn’t mind. It was worth it to experience the darkness and the cold rain. Many people in the neighborhood left their holiday lights on, and the effect was magical, especially when I looked to the east and saw a slight rift in the clouds where daylight was trying to poke through. The clouds reshaped themselves, marshaling strength, and soon it was deeply overcast and raining once again.

The day was a glorious, darkly overcast one, and many times during the day, I looked out of my classroom window to see rain pouring down. It stopped briefly around 4:30, the sun tore through, but again, the clouds knit back together and more rain came down well into the evening. In fact, I hear it now as I write this.

We received an inch or two of rain, depending on the location, in this dry desert, and it is helping to decrease the rainfall deficit for the year. With another storm due to roll in later in the week, I can only hope the trend continues!


3 thoughts on “Another rainy day! It’s a miracle!

  1. So, gloomy days make you happy. “Darkly overcast” days are glorious. I think you may be living in the wrong state, my friend. We are an 85% sunshine location. Does that imply you are only loving 15% of the days?

    OK, fine, I like the change, too. It does mess with the traffic commute, but when I am at home, I don’t mind the rain (although it can be a challenge getting the dog to go out).

    • Yeah, I hear you about the dog not wanting to go out!

      I know I am living in the wrong state, for many different reasons, loving rain being one of them, but if I dare to voice that opinion, someone vilifies me and wants me to take myself and my blog and disappear.

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