A lovely, rainy day

Holiday lights through a rain-blurred window

The forecast was for rain. I’ll believe it when I see it, I thought as I stood there in my robe, peering out the window and preparing my morning coffee. So often the weather forecasters are wrong, but this time they weren’t. By 7 a.m., the rain was falling steadily.

I drove to work in near darkness, although it was almost 8 o’clock. I saw a motorcyclist, and I felt like a wimp for driving my car. I love to ride in the rain, but I didn’t ride to work today. It actually takes me longer to gear up  than to ride there, so it’s impractical. I enjoyed the feeling of coziness in my warm car with the heated seats.

At work, we brought the kids in as they arrived, not wanting them to stand around and get even wetter out on the playground. Some were wet, but wouldn’t admit they were cold. I kicked up the heat in the classroom, turned on the holiday lights, and we enjoyed being inside and cozy. During math, I turned out the lights to project the image from the doc. cam., where I usually teach the daily lesson. It was really super dark, but we loved it. Math was even more fun than normal.

Through the day, we watched the rain outside the classroom window, but miraculously, the sun appeared briefly just in time for the kids to board buses for home, or to walk home, but by the time I left an hour and a half later, it was dark and raining again.

After working out at the gym, when I finally got home, I holed up in the  music room to play some serious violin music. I turned out the lights in the room and watched outside while I practiced. It was a glorious feeling because these days are so rare in the Phoenix area, and with the prospect of a rainy week ahead, it makes me feel elated because I know I will enjoy every moment.

100% chance of rain tomorrow (so they say). Bring it on!


2 thoughts on “A lovely, rainy day

  1. You know, I never know what topics or verbiage or photos I will react to when I read your blog. There is always something that makes me chuckle, or maybe snicker, perhaps guffaw, but always smile.

    Today, I took exception to your choice of words about violin music. You said, “to play some serious violin music.” I had to wonder what the non-serious music was. Bluegrass? “Holly Jolly Christmas?” “Dueling Banjos?” Anyway, that word did make me smile.

    I will trust you when you say those are holiday lights viewed through a rain-blurred window.

    Take care, “wimp.”

    • Well, I guess “frivolous” violin music would be fiddling, although it’s just as difficult or even more difficult than classical music. I think it’s just fun once in a while to take a break from Bach. It’s always good to do a change up once in a while.

      What a great rainy day, huh? Two in a row!!

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