Music of the season

This evening I had a nice surprise when I went to the usual Friday night “coffee for relaxation” time. As we sat there looking at photos on the laptop, a group of young people dressed as 19th century English carolers came into the restaurant. At first, I thought they had been at an event, or were going to an event, but it turned out, this was the event, or at least one of them as I’m sure they went other places. To our surprise, they spaced themselves in groups around the establishment, and began to sing!

Happy holidays!

They were really super good, and sounded wonderful. It was obvious they’d worked very hard, and were very talented. They only did four songs, but I enjoyed it very much. After they were done, I found out they were students at Red Mountain H.S.

Good for them! I love it when kids are involved with music.


One thought on “Music of the season

  1. Mmm. Paradise Bakery and Dickensian carolers. Making the holidays bright for everyone. A bit of underdone potato? I think not. Bah, humbug. definitely not.

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