School day fun

It’s no secret I love my schoolkids. But their artwork is especially cute. Take this, for example:

Who'd a thought?? This started out as a discussion about "greater than" and "less than" signs

We had been discussing math, specifically ordering decimals and fractions. On one part of the worksheet, the kids had to put the correct sign between two examples to compare the numbers. We try to have fun while learning, and this was what it morphed into after we were done taking notes: cute kid art. One boy said he had a teacher in a  lower grade that related the sign to an open alligator’s mouth. The alligator’s mouth is a “greater than” sign, but I’m not sure what the artist intended the red dots to be! 🙂

“Never a dull moment … “


2 thoughts on “School day fun

  1. Actually, I have seen that concept before. I found this quote on the web, “This alligator wants to eat numbers, and since it’s really hungry, it will always eat the bigger number. So the “>” sign is always open toward the bigger number.”

    And I found this relative to your actual lesson, ” is the greater than symbol because it is used when the sentence would be
    _____ is greater than _____.”

    Keep it up. Students will remember your concepts and teaching style long after they have forgotten your face.

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