Another successful seasonal concert

Last night was the elementary school band and orchestra concert. It was a wonderful time, the kids “stepped up” and sounded great. Maybe all my nagging about practicing, and the time we spent practicing together during lunch recess (optional), paid off. Most of them were nervous and excited to play in front of their parents. They wore their cute school music shirts and dark pants, their usual concert outfit.

I sat in the back of the orchestra and “helped” with the Violin I part, especially on one song where some of my girls had a “solo.” But, as expected, they really needed no help, except maybe moral support and knowing I was back there playing along with them. I sort of “blend” because I was dressed the same as they were, but I think the reading glasses on my face let everyone know I was an adult! 😉 I am always amazed how if I am introduced,  how many parents clap and give me the thumbs up. Yes, I’m right in there with them. I don’t just nag to practice, I get right in there and play music with them.

In band, though, since I play the flute, there is no hiding in the back. The flutes sit up front, and I was up there with them. I haven’t had a lot of time available to rehearse with them either, and during one song I realized I was sight reading. Oh well, it’s all good. The music is all 4/4 time, with all quarter notes, a few half notes, and I think there was one whole note. What could be easier, right? For the kids, it probably is as challenging as it needs to be right now as beginning musicians. I am really proud of them for playing.

I even helped one student who had left his music in his classroom. I do not have keys to all the classrooms as they suppose, but I was able to quickly find a custodian to open the classroom door and let him get his music. This boy is the only one playing baritone, so he didn’t have a partner to have the same music. All the little crises that happen “backstage!”

It was a fun, festive evening, and today we get to do it all again for the school. I love music, and I hope the kids enjoy it and get something out of it. If nothing else, it gets them in the holiday spirit, and maybe will make them want to practice more in the future.


4 thoughts on “Another successful seasonal concert

  1. Jo, is there anything you don’t do? Violin, flute, teacher, motorcyle rider, photographer. I’m tired already, and all I did was type the things that that you do all the time. Keep it up, girl.

    POTD: No photo was my favorite today…BECAUSE THERE AREN’T ANY!

    • Sorry, Randy! I thought about a photo from the concert, but I wouldn’t put any photos of kids on here. They were the main story, though!

      Anyway, I had a great time, and the concert for the school today was excellent, too!

  2. Sure, I do understand. The teachers in my family won’t (and shouldn’t) post photos of their students, either. That doesn’t mean I can’t give you a hard time, though.

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