Snow, week two

Our riding day started out with some ambivalence, so we were undecided which bikes to take until the last minute. Hal showed up at my house ready for anything, but really it depended on if my 2006 BMW F650GS dual sport motorcycle would start. It had been sitting for several weeks, but started almost immediately. I don’t know why I doubt her, she is a wonderful bike. I am only not riding Jewel much right now because I hate the tires I chose to put on her last spring, but today was seriously the last straw for me. I am going to bite the bullet and spend the money on new Tourances, even though it irritates me that I wasted 400 bucks on these stupid tires, thinking they would be good. Not for me they aren’t.

So we set off toward Mt. Ord, which we knew would probably have snow on it due to the recent (past few days) winter storm. Little did we know we would find it almost immediately. I should have known I was going to be cold when as I left Gilbert (which is usually the warmest it will be all day) and I was already cold, even though my heated jacket liner was plugged in, as were my gloves, and I was even running my heated grips! What a sissy. I don’t know why I was so cold today, I wasn’t even this cold last weekend in the snow near Glenwood, NM!

When we got to Ord, this is what we found:

Snow, clouds, and mud

Yes, there were mud, clouds, and snow, and that is the order in which they affected me! The moment I got into this slimy clay mud, I knew I wasn’t going to last long. It was the kind that made me slip all over the place, packed the “knobbies” on my tires, and got me pretty darn dirty in the short distance I rode in it. As I said above, I do not like these tires, I do not like the way they feel on any surface. One person told me, “when you get them in mud, you will like them!” NO. I did not. This is the last straw for me, as I said earlier. I am tired of not feeling comfortable on the road, or in the dirt. I have ridden on the Tourances for years and they did everything I wanted, in deep sand, mud, up a rock wall, in “baby head” rocks. I don’t know what I was thinking.

I also knew that if we already saw snow on the sides of the road, which was only a little, there was going to be much more near the top. I couldn’t even see the top, it was hidden behind low clouds that swirled around the peak.


Meanwhile, while I was contemplating my (stupid) tire decision, Hal went up a ways, but found he was having trouble, too. He was willing to continue had I wanted to, but I wasn’t up for it. So, I backed down the road a little (got my boots nice and muddy in the process), then turned around and went back down.

Lest you think I am complaining, which I am really not, I enjoyed being out on my bike that I love and am lucky enough to have, and I enjoyed the weather and the beautiful clouds. Here are some scenes from Mt. Ord:

That little diagonal line in the distance is the road up

Some beautiful clouds:

Contrasting snow sky; one of the things I love about winter!

Hal comin' down the muddy hill after an exploratory mission

After we gave up on Ord, we rode back to the Valley, then headed toward Tortilla Flat. At least we could get some points for the RCC contest we are in. Here is the proof photo:

Proof I was there! LOL

We rode up to a mile or two past where the pavement ends on Apache Trail, and I got some good photos:

A sheet of rain gives this canyon a heavenly quality

I stopped up on top, and I was really cold. But it was so beautiful, I couldn’t leave right away.

Bike and sky

After that, we rode back down, past Canyon Lake, leaden and cold, its silver water roughed by the wind, in the late day sun and clouds. We stopped at one more destination to get points for the contest:

Can you tell I was freezing?

We ended our day with a ride down the freeway, and then our usual stop for a hot cup of coffee (and soup for me as well!). Today proved that even if things don’t go exactly as planned, being on a motorcycle, no matter what kind, is the best!


One thought on “Snow, week two

  1. Interesting. It looks as if those tires would provide sufficient traction in mud, but you obviously know what works and doesn’t for you. Maybe you can recoup some of the cost and sell them to those people that like them?

    POTD: The Heavenly Quality shot. True, there is not a lot of contrast, but the brightness of the rain behind the foreground rocks makes it nice for me.

    BTW: Yes, it looks as if you are cold since you are smiling a little less than normal.

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