December is here!

Welcome to December, a month of darkness and colored lights, clouds, rain, and magic!

I can hardly believe that here we are at the “bottom” of the year already, and into the holiday season. The weather is getting really beautiful, with clouds and rain forecast for today and the weekend, and snow predicted for the high country. Exciting! I am hoping to get out and ride in it, at least locally with the dirt bike and maybe even get on the big bike and head north.

It’s also the perfect weather to fix myself a hot cup of tea and sequester myself in my music room with my violin. I love being able to play the violin, and I wish I could spend more time playing. After a practice session the other night, I cradled it and talked to it. “I’m sorry I don’t have enough time to spend with you!” I said, regretfully, but thankfully. At least I have some time to play. It has a name, “Merry Music,” which was given to it by one of my students, who plays the string bass.  This girl was a wonderful musician. She has the ability to “become”  the music and is a true musician. She got into playing chamber music in junior high, and the last I heard, she was doing very well.

So, December is here, a month of enchantment and memories, both old and new, and I am looking forward to it, as always. It is the last of my four favorite months, so I plan on enjoying it fully.

Happy December, everyone!


2 thoughts on “December is here!

  1. Hey, isn’t that first paragraph inscribed on the entrance to Disneyland or something? No, I guess not. I think adding “magic” to the sentence threw me off.

    You say that December is the “bottom” of the year. I prefer to view it as saving the best for last. Why? Well, sure, there is Christmas, and cooler weather. Mostly, though, it is because it is my birthday month. Whoo to the Hoo. You do say it is one of your favorites, though, so I will let you off with a warning.

    Let’s have a good month, OK?

    • “Bottom of the year” is just my mind’s eye visualization of the year. Of course, time is an esoteric concept, but if you try to “visualize” it, your interpretation is probably going to be different from another person’s. I certainly don’t look at December in a negative light at all. It’s a wonderful month! And yes, a magical month, when wishes and dreams can come true, and Christmas “magic” does happen!

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