Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving goodies!

Wow, what could be better? Thanksgiving meal accompanied by the Packers/Lions game, which, BTW, the Packers (my team) won! Then, off to my parents’ for family time, and to help them put up the tree and decorate their house for Christmas.

I will spare you the obligatory sappy, maudlin rant about how we “should” give thanks. I truly do think every day about all I have to be thankful for, I don’t limit it to just one day per year.

I also do not go in for the highly commercialized greed drive of “black Friday.” I am tired of conspicuous consumption and all the in-your-face advertising everywhere, including the internet. I think that is the thing I do not like about The Holidays, but I do like the magic of the season that sometimes causes wonderful acts of generosity, caring, and wonderful everyday things that seem to work out and fall into place.

Enjoy today, and be thankful all year.

To my faithful readers: P.S., I will be in a remote location for some dirt bike riding this weekend, and may not be able to post until Sunday. Until then, stay warm, and enjoy the weekend!


One thought on “Happy Thanksgiving!

  1. Uh, hello. I know one thing better than Packers/Lions. Cowboys/Dolphins. And my team from Big D held on for the win. OK, our record doesn’t quite match yours, but we did get a ‘W’. Happy Thanksgiving. Hope you had a great time in NM.

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