I love color.

So, when the daily post topic came up, what one color would you want to wear for a month? I thought it was a lovely idea because my choice would be my favorite color, blue. Can you tell? Just look at this blog!

Blue, azure, cerulean, cobalt, indigo, navy, royal, periwinkle, sapphire, teal, turquoise, opalescent. I love blue.

My closet, in which all the clothing is arranged by color, is filled with a rainbow. But by far, the most prevalent color is blue. I have blue shirts, blue sweaters, blue t-shirts, blue dress pants, blue pants that are kind of dressy, but not really, and best of all, blue jeans. My favorite thing to wear is any kind of blue shirt or sweater, and jeans. On my feet, I love my blue and white Asics shoes that were formerly my workout shoes, but now can be worn to work on casual Fridays, at least.

I work at a school where the school colors are blue, white and gray. Appropriate.

I ride a motorcycle brand whose colors are blue and white.

Blue is the best.

Then there is the darker side of blue. Melancholy, depressing, morose, cheerless, dreary, mournful, gloomy, drab, forlorn, sad, and somber. Many musicians have made good money singing about those blues.

But I would prefer to think of “blue sky, blue water, blue ribbons, and laughter,” to quote a line I once read in a book when I was a teenager, the lighter side of  blue. Blue is a depthless lake that I can fall into because I think the color blue is the best.


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