Digging for gold

Writing is like digging a tunnel through earth of varying density. Sometimes it’s like digging through moist sand – easy. Sometimes it’s like digging through clay because you have to get it wet first, in other words, get an idea and then start developing it, then wait for the water (the idea)  to soak in and make it halfway penetrable, and then go forward from there, which is taking the idea and moving ahead with it. It gets a little easier, but not as easy as when you were going through the sand. Eventually, you get back to the sand and it’s fairly easy going again, but there’s always the specter of clay on the horizon.

I have also decided that I need to do my writing in another room, not in the same room as the TV, and get it done before I sit down in front of it and the TV fills my head with sh*t. Once I start watching or even just listening, I can’t even think.

My NaNoWriMo novel is slow going at the moment, but I am not giving up. It’s an up and down experience, for sure. But I am going to finish my 50,000 words, and after the (very) rough draft is written, figure out what I want to do with it!

24,362 words as of today!


2 thoughts on “Digging for gold

  1. I think you’re doing fine. You are only about one day behind and you still have 15 days left in November. I’m glad you’re back online. (BTW, I wrote 26 words above, so you’ve written 1000X more than me this month)

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