What’s missing?

Today’s post topic: What do you miss the most?

Well, oddly enough (as it might seem to other people) I miss having a cat. My last one, Springs, died about a year ago, as you may recall. I have spent a lot of time since then thinking of her. I miss having a cat to snuggle up with while I am sitting and relaxing. My husband is not a cat person, so I am not able to get another cat. Even if I did, I would not be allowed to have the cat in the house, so what’s the point? Not fair to me, or the cat.

I also miss having seasons, even though I’ve lived in this place for over 30 years now, which is one of the reasons I escape on the motorcycle so often.


3 thoughts on “What’s missing?

  1. I would say I miss the simpler, safer life style of my childhood. Growing up, we would leave home on a summer morning and maybe hit the public pool, or ride over to a nearby shopping center or a friend’s house. Occasionally, we would check in at home or call Mom, but often not. And yet, no one was worried. My kids did not have that luxury, nor will my grandchildren. It is a sad commentary on life in the modern world.

    • Lots of things are different, and much more complicated, than they were during those “innocent” times. I’m sure the perspectives of our parents would be different, but I agree with you, Randy.

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