Steam locomotive UP 844 makes a stop in Gilbert

I spent most of my day “trainspotting,” as they say!

This is steam locomotive Union Pacific 844, which is on a Centennial run through the southwest. “Centennial” because it is New Mexico’s and Arizona’s 100th year as states. This engine was delivered in 1944, and is one of the last steam engines made. It is massive, the drive wheel diameter is 80.”  It is a beautiful machine, and to my eye, beauty in motion. I absolutely love steam locomotives, and I have posted many photos of the K-36 Mikado type locomotives that belong to the Durango and Silverton Narrow Gauge RR.

Enjoy these photos of the UP 844, Living Legend.

Beauty in motion

Here is the video!:

Part one of the video is shot with my GoPro, part two by my husband, with the Olympus.

Here are a few more still shots:

Massive drive parts

I wish I had that job!

Too many people!

UP 1996 at the rear


2 thoughts on “Steam locomotive UP 844 makes a stop in Gilbert

  1. Yeah, Hal had told me this was happening on Saturday, but we couldn’t arrange to see it. I’m glad you did and shared the photos and video with us.

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