Saturday rocks

After an absolutely exhausting week at work, it was nice to sleep in and relax today. I also went to Zumba class as well, and of course this afternoon, I wrote.

The “novel” is up to 10,626 words now, so I am 1/5 of the way there. That’s 20%, kids, when I ask you to convert the fraction to a decimal during math! 😉

I am looking forward to a ride tomorrow, so I should have something other than NaNoWriMo to write about tomorrow.


One thought on “Saturday rocks

  1. OK, that’s good. Now, if we exclude Sundays from your writing schedule, there are 26 writing days in November. This was posted on the 5th, and that is almost exactly 20% of the month to date. Perfect! You are right where you should be. Stay focused, my friend.

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