Halloween fun

Halloween Zumba dancers

What a great Saturday. First, at Zumba class a bunch of us dressed in our Halloween costumes and danced. I was an ’80s flashdancer just because I wanted to wear leg warmers and not get laughed at, but the best one was a woman dressed as Richard Simmons! It was really a great costume, and she “won,” which meant the most people clapped for her when we did the popularity contest at the end. I also shot some video with the instructor’s camera of one of the dances. I hope it turned out for her.

After that I relaxed a little, put up some Halloween lights outside the house, then I walked over to a nearby park where a Halloween festival was going on to see one of my students in a dance recital. She looked like she was having fun and she was happy to see me there. It was hot, but enjoyable. Soon we walked home.

After that I just did some relaxing things, practiced my violin, then went outside to look at the lights in the dark. Kind of a boring (to some people), but fun, day at the same time. At least it was relaxing.

Halloween is the best holiday, and this is a fun, festive weekend leading up to it! I can’t wait for it to be Halloween.


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