How to write

Today’s blog topic: Do you prefer to write on paper or on an electronic device?

I think it depends on the circumstances. If I am stuck somewhere without my laptop, I obviously use paper. Also, it is the good old reliable way to do things, very ‘old school.’ Paper and pencil can be very satisfying because of the physical scratching of pencil on paper, the texture of the act, the feel of the actual writing.

On the other hand, writing on a laptop is quick and easy, and there is always the option of being online, either blogging, or surfing, in between ideas. This is a very visual way to do something that could be very ethereal.

Personally, I need more than one way to be able to do anything, and it’s nice to have many choices literally at my fingertips.


3 thoughts on “How to write

  1. I love to write in notebooks first and I love using different colored markers or highlighters..maybe one of my obsessions. I love to use different colored sticky as markers in a book for something I want to remember or read later.

  2. Since the question asks which we prefer, I would easily say electronic device. Maybe it’s because my handwriting is abysmal. Maybe it’s because I can type faster than write. Maybe it’s because I often tweak my writing and a laptop (or whatever device) makes that easier. In fact, I tried to physically write a response to this question on the monitor, but when I clicked Enter, nothing happened, so I wrote it electronically and now, we all see it. It will be interesting to see what happens with handwriting instruction in schools in the future.

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