Lazy Sunday (well, sort of)

No riding to speak of this weekend, which is very unusual for me. So, I had a somewhat “lazy” Sunday, at least after I got finished dancing at Zumba class this morning, which was awesome. When I left, I took a few photos of a Fairy Duster bush that was alive with bees.

Bee and fairy duster

Next, I photographed a Mexican Bird of Paradise flower. This has to be one of my favorite plants. It is low maintenance and looks beautiful during the hot summer. It looks like it is dead if there is winter frost but it comes back strong and beautiful when the weather warms up again.

Mexican Bird of Paradise

The rest of the day I laid on the couch and watched football, then baseball. I love football, and I like the final baseball games of the season. It was a good day, and at least I am relaxed for the horrendous work week ahead.


2 thoughts on “Lazy Sunday (well, sort of)

  1. We are the same way about baseball games. We do not watch during the season, but the World Series is more fun. (And this year, a TX team is in it. Whoo hoo!) And we also like football, although we tend to be more diligent about watching when the Cardinals or Cowboys are playing.

    • I am most interested in football when the Green Bay Packers play! I am a true cheesehead, and I was overjoyed last year when they won it all. I watch them play all the time! The Packers rock!

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