Small town

There is something sad and small about a community that defines itself by an old water tower. Lacking any significant landmarks, they chose this one:

Water tower of iconic proportions?

I suppose you could call it functionally beautiful, as it is in the desert, stark white against the always-blue sky. That, I suppose, is in itself symbolic.

Then, there is this:

What do you think it is?

Sparkling water in the hot desert sun, falling over a big black ball (8-ball?). I normally “get” stuff, but this I don’t. Really, what is it??? Yes, I know, much of art’s beauty is in the eye of its creator and this might be an example of that.

Well, it’s late and time for bed now, and I have more weighty matters to mull than these. But I still think it’s all of very questionable value or significance.


One thought on “Small town

  1. OK, maybe the giant ball suspended in water shows that even the smallest member of our community can impact their environment (symbolized by the fact that they can push the ball and make it rotate)? Or maybe it’s just a weird, artist thing? And the water tower links our past to our future?

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