Short trip

This wasn’t really the trip report I thought I was going to post today. Our planned trip to San Diego ended yesterday before it even began when Hal’s clutch cable broke as he was leaving to meet up with me. We were both packed and ready to go. I was glad, though, that if it had to happen, it happened in a place where Hal and his bike were safe, no one got hurt, and it was easy for him to get another one of his friends to come and get him with the motorcycle trailer.

I actually was glad because something about the trip didn’t feel right to me. When he called, I was kind of relieved. I unpacked, laid down on the couch, and watched the Diamondbacks-Brewers baseball game. (Brewers won, yay! I have to whisper that because I live in Phoenix! But, once a “cheesehead,” always a cheesehead.)

So, we went to the Victory BMW Oktoberfest party today, which I thought was even more fun. It’s about the only time and place I see almost everybody who rides BMWs in the Phoenix area. Everyone from the two local BMW clubs, the people that work at Victory, and other riders who ride other brands but ride with us. It was a fun day, and I got my points for the Rider’s Cup Challenge that I am in. I am trying to be competitive this year.

Here are some photos from the event:

Me, and my friend, Tom, who has been around the world on a BMW motorcycle – twice!

This one's for the contest points

Hal's points photo; remember, his BMW is broken at the moment

Hot dog vendor (the hotdogs were super-good!)

Amid all the expensive bikes was this pair of very worn riding boots (they're likely Tom's!)

Every time I get near this bike I have to sit on it and dream

It was a great day, a perfect Saturday, after all!


2 thoughts on “Short trip

  1. John, you are correct. Nor did any other provider of BMW parts in this town. I wonder, do these dealers have mechanics just standing around idle (as we are paying for it, of course) waiting for parts? You’d think a clutch cable would be something common enough that they would stock that part.

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