I love a rainy night!

Tonight, as I drove (yes, I drove) home from the gym, the smell of rain was in the air, and as I looked west, threads of lightning stitched across the sky. When I got home, it started to rain, and the cool air, the rain-smell, the sound of thunder and falling rain were all so beautiful, I could hardly believe it. I stood still and pinched myself. October and rain are my some of my favorite things in the whole world.

Here in Phoenix, we have suffered through August when the temperature almost every day was between 110° F. and 115° F. September held above-average temperatures as well. It was horrible, and I looked forward to “the day the weather changes.” Today might have been the day, we’ll have to see if the lower temperatures hold.

Here is what it looked like as the rain poured down:

Close your eyes, pretend you are there in the cool, rainy night.


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