Blog topic for today: remember something important you’ve lost that you want to remember and think about. And write about what you chose and why.

How about “innocence”? Or, “30 years of my life”? I sure wish things had turned out differently for me.

Or, how about all the lost opportunities that may or may not have come my way if only things were different.

On a smaller scale, I recently lost a silver bracelet that I loved and wore almost daily. I have no idea what happened to it, and it makes me mad because I am usually so careful about not losing my things.

Maybe it’s my mind that is lost. Remember the sign, “where is my mind??”

Sometimes I wonder.


2 thoughts on “Lost

  1. Lost cause
    Lost in translation
    Lost and found (only to lose it again)
    Lost Wages
    Lost the plot
    Lost the way (only to end up here)
    Lost respect
    Lost brain cells
    Lost the reason for writing this………..

  2. So, I did a Google search for positive comments including the word “loss” and the only one I really found was weight loss. The second most frequent link returned was job loss (the links were talking about trying to stay positive after a job loss). So, it seems there are not that many direct links between loss and positive (I also looked for good).

    A check for “loss of” returns appetite, pet, child, wisdom, productivity, hair, hearing, libido, taste, jobs, motivation. Again, as people, our natural reaction to the “loss of” anything is sadness. Hopefully, as a society, we use that as motivation to build a better life for ourselves and a better society for all of us. I think you are doing that through your own renewal on motorcycle getaways, and through your job training up the next generation. Keep it up.

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