“Where are we going today?” “North”

Today’s ride was mediocre, nothing spectacular, except I am grateful that I was on the road. We did 416 miles, did a route we hadn’t done before, which was Prescott to Ash Fork, to Williams, to Flagstaff, to Camp Verde, to the 260 toward Strawberry and Pine, to Payson, to home. We saw some cool things, and I think we might go back so I can shoot video. You never know what’s going to make good video until you ride something and see the potential, so live and learn for me.

We stopped at Payson Airport for a piece of pie on the way home, and found the restaurant deserted (deserted for dessert, get it?). No, really, it was literally empty. Here is a photo of the completely empty parking lot, except for our bikes, of course:

Empty parking lot

Amazing. Usually we have to wait for a table, it’s so packed with people. Late in the day when we got there, the pie was good, and we hung out and drank coffee for a while. It even rained while we were there, and the view of the Mogollon Rim was gorgeous. Then, we came down the Beeline toward home.

I am 53 miles away from my goal of 50,000 miles on my bike by the time I reach the anniversary of owning it for three years on Oct. 11. I should make it next weekend, if not before. 🙂  I love my BMW F800ST!  I knew it would be good bike for me when I was saving up for it, and when I finally got it, it was/is even better than I thought it would be!


2 thoughts on ““Where are we going today?” “North”

  1. We’ve never eaten at the Payson airport. We used to drop by the Sedona airport years ago for the occasional meal, but even that has fallen by the wayside. Seeing any empty parking lots is weird for a place that is open. Glad you got to ride.

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