Day ride to Sedona

Sedona day trip

Man, I love eggs and bacon for breakfast!

I thought that as we were eating at Crosswinds Restaurant Sunday morning. It is my favorite “road breakfast”  and I sometimes eat it every day.

After that good start to the day, we headed north on 260/87, through Pine and Strawberry, up onto the Mogollon Rim, then past Clint’s Well to Lake Mary Rd., which we would take to Flagstaff. Lake Mary Rd. is one of our favorites, it’s calm, open, and pretty. This time I stopped at the east end of Mormon Lake to take the photo I have been wanting to get for a couple of years now.

East end of Mormon Lake, on the way to Flagstaff, AZ

The wildflowers were so beautiful, and so was the view of the San Francisco Peaks in the distance. This is late summer, and soon it will get cold here, the leaves will turn, the grasses and flowers will die, and then everything will wait for snow. I love the seasons, and I miss how they fold one into the other, a progression of change. Living in Phoenix, we have two stages of heat: warm, and hell. It’s not a great place to live for someone like me who loves changeable weather, and cool rain and clouds. It’s why I have to escape – often.

Blown open seed pod

We fueled up on the outskirts of Flagstaff, just past Lake Mary. The air was cool and fresh. We headed to 89A as it turns south and drops into Oak Creek Canyon. I shot video, but it is difficult to get a good story as there are always slow cars in front of us. It just can’t be helped, it is a popular place for tourists and “Zonies” alike. The temperature climbed the closer we got to Sedona, and finally we arrived to find it crowded with tourists. I easily got a parking place, as I always do, and we parked the bikes, de-geared, and went to find some fudge at the Sedona Fudge Co., which was the main purpose, besides riding that is, of the trip. I also found an interesting little shop that had all kinds of unique items, including things I could photograph for the “faces” theme of the Weekly Photo Challenge. You can find the results of that farther down in this blog.

Inside a very cool shop in Sedona

Caramel apples in the fudge shop

I also tried to get some photos of amethyst and crystals, but I need better lighting, apparently.


Mystic crystals

This is kind of creepy

Statue, calm wisdom in bronze

Halloween is coming soon!

After that, we had to go find a place to eat some of the fudge, so we went into the little mall across the street and sat down. We bought some coffee to accompany the fudge and sat and watched people for a while and talked.

Oh, fudge!

It was very relaxing and made me miss the times when we are really on the road. This day trip stuff almost doesn’t cut it anymore. But, any riding is better than not riding and I got a nice 340 miles in.

Too soon, we had to get back on the bikes and head back to the Valley. We took the I-17 south, which was a mistake because it was as horrible as I thought it would be because of the usual problems: people driving too fast, then the resultant traffic jam because of a car problem. And the heat just got worse as we got closer to Phoenix. At least it wasn’t 115° this time, only around 100°. Yeah, “only.” A long way from the wonderful 50-degree to 70-degree temperatures we rode in last weekend. I never leave Taos, at least in spirit.


2 thoughts on “Day ride to Sedona

  1. We used to take day trips up to Sedona when the kids were young. And, as you mentioned, fudge was a de rigueur part of the trip. While we do live in the Valley of the Sun, at least you have cooler weather and open roads less than two hours away. I’m glad you got to enjoy them.

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