Taos, NM, Day 2


At the rally site

Saturday morning dawned overcast and dark, and it had recently stopped raining so everything was wet. Hal and I geared up with all our warm gear and rode out mid-morning to the rally site at Sipapu Ski area. The temperature was in the 50s F., and I was once again glad that I had my Gerbings heated jacket liner on. It was turned up, and my heated grips were on as well. As a result, I was comfortable and warm as we cruised along one of our favorite roads, NM 518 south to the rally site.

Hal at the rally. Someone gave him a tire!

When we got there, we found our usual circles of friends that we only see at the rally, and we sat and talked, or walked around looking at bikes for hours. Time kind of got away from us, and we didn’t get on the bikes until later in the afternoon. As a result, our ride was a very abbreviated version of the one that I wanted, which was the loop to Angel Fire and then back to the north end of Taos. Maybe next year.

Alpaca, near the road to Angel Fire


Alpacas in a field, rainstorm behind them

Dinner was the usual fare: fajitas at the rally site, followed by prize drawings (I didn’t win anything), and the band (old people dancing to old songs. I can say this because I am one of them). This year we stayed at the rally site all day, so Hal and I both had our own bikes. Usually we return to the hotel during the day, leave one bike, and ride to the rally site two-up. So, for the first time in many years, I rode back to Taos on my own bike, in the dark. I found it much more pleasant than I thought it would be. I was able to see, I was warm and happy, and I shot video (don’t know what it will look like, though). We went slowly because we were riding through deer-infested country in absolute darkness, but we didn’t see any. The lowest temperature I saw on my dashboard was 43°, but I was busy paying attention to the road, looking for deer.

It’s hard to believe we will be leaving Taos tomorrow, riding toward home. We have a day and a half left on the road, one more night. As predicted, it has gone way too fast.


2 thoughts on “Taos, NM, Day 2

  1. Of course, Hal is smiling by saving a couple of hundred bucks since someone gave him a tire. Of course, you are smiling, too, because you have on your gerbil-lined heated jacket. What? Oh, sorry. It is a Gerbings lined jacket.

    In the past, our family used to spend a summer vacation up in Red River, so we were out near Angel Fire and Taos quite often. It is gorgeous.

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