See you in September

I know I have said this before, but I just don’t get it: why do people think summer is so great?? I can’t stand it, personally, and I go from depression in August to joyous relief in September. If I could travel during any two months of the year, I would choose September and October to be gone. I am about to leave on my favorite trip, to northern NM. I look forward to it all year. It’s because I can feel the first “cold” of the season and know that even though I will still find extreme heat when I get home, there is now the hint of coolness in the air overnight. I can only hope that cool weather during the day is not too far behind.

I got the Eddie Bauer catalog in the mail the other day. The colors were so drab and I was very disappointed. Here we are, the most spectacular season, and all they can come up with is muted, subdued colors that do not express the joy of this gold, orange, brilliant copper-red, and jade green season. I was looking for a bright orange sweater of some kind, but nothing even remotely like it was offered in that catalog. I define many things in terms of  color, and this time of year is about the most colorful, at least in my mind.


2 thoughts on “See you in September

  1. You are correct that, in our desert climate, summer is a long, hot season. I am sure they look forward to it in the northern climes where their winter is the unbearable time. Still, I also enjoy the Fall Break in October when we go somewhere seeking colors and cooler weather. This year it will be Yosemite and the CA coast near Monterey. No orange sweater for me, though. Thanks anyway.

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