Twenty things …

… I did, learned, or realized in August (in random, somewhat entertaining, order):

1. I went back to work (the worst is first).

2. The Phoenix heat became epic.

3. I met my new students (that’s 27 people that “happened” right there).

4. I finished my videos from my trip to Nevada and California at the end of July

5. I miss having a cat.

6. I took a lot of good photos.

7. I realized that I rode about 6,000 miles this summer.

8. I learned what a #**t someone I work with is. Not that I didn’t know before, but I was giving that person the benefit of the doubt.

9. We have a different schedule at work this year and I am loving it, especially since it helps the students.

10. I learned that I need some kind of creative outlet, no matter how small it is.

11. I found out that I have a blown fork seal on my black BMW (F650GS) motorcycle which probably happened while I was riding a rough dirt road near Glenwood, NM. I parked the bike when I got home from that trip in early June, and didn’t ride it until last weekend. That’s why it took me so long to see it.

12. I realized how much I passionately hate those tires I put on the F650GS.

13. Working in an elementary school is a real “education” every day, and sometimes for not very nice reasons.

14. Liquid laundry soap is really slippery if a large quantity of it spills on slick concrete.

15. Dogs shed a lot in August.

16. A motorcycle helmet is truly not made to be used for as long as six years.

17. No matter how many times I go to New Mexico, I will never get tired of it.

18. A chicken is smarter than it looks.

19. Workout shoes made for running (forward motion) don’t work well for zumba (lateral motion).

20. If you want to be happy, lose weight, meet lots of friends, and get to dance joyously to music for at least an hour, try zumba!


One thought on “Twenty things …

  1. #18 is certainly a fascinating revelation, although I must admit that, given that chickens do not look smart, it might be easy for them to be smarter than they look. I also noticed that you did not say that Hal was smarter than he looks.

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