How will technology change?

Today’s blog topic:  Make a prediction about how our use of technology will change in the next few years.  Hmmm. Well, I don’t know about the next few years, it could take more time, but I think we will get teleportation relatively soon. Can you see the ads?

“Thinking of teleporting to France this summer? Well, have we got the touch-down spot for you!”

There will be touch-down cafés, or hotspots, as there are internet cafés now. There will be areas of hotels dedicated to that service so weary travelers don’t have to walk too far to their rooms. People could travel this way when they have limited time for a trip but still want to go a long distance. It would be expensive so you couldn’t do it that often, but as time went on and the process would get more streamlined (and less body parts are lost much like luggage is now – JUST KIDDING) it will cost less.

People will still travel by conventional methods, but the teleportation method is available for business travelers and vacationers alike. The internal combustion engine will be replaced by something that uses cleaner, smarter technology, but the basic idea will remain the same. There will be motorcycles, cars, and other favorites still available with a more modern form of propulsion.

My age should be in the triple digits by then, but I hope I am around to enjoy the new things.


One thought on “How will technology change?

  1. Hmm. I am not sure about teleportation, but I do think it is possible that we will see direct computer-to-brain interfaces built. So, you can surf the net or call someone just be thinking about it. You could know anything just by searching the combined knowledge of the world.

    So, you are out hiking and fall and hurt yourself badly. What do you do? Think about the advice on and suddenly, you know how to diagnose yourself. Uh oh. It is serious. Think about calling 911 and they instantly answer and dispatch help. How can they find you? Access a GPS site and they know where you are within 10 ft.

    Oh yes, we may even see this before you and I reach triple-digit age.

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