Autumn (and relief) is coming soon (I hope)

Dreams of gold

At last, August, worst month of the year, drips down to nothingness in a few days. What a relief that will be, and it seems that the weather will cooperate as well. According to the forecast, the extreme heat will supposedly break and it will get down to a balmy 107°. I’ve noticed lately that the sun goes down before 7 p.m., another reason to celebrate. Soon we will be able to really see the beginnings of longer shadows, the deeper slant of the sun. The color of the sun will change from white-hot to more benevolent gold.

I look forward to the cool of autumn, and after that, the cold early darkness of winter, short days, being inside early, a hot cup of coffee, being curled up by a fire. Mmmmmm. Makes me feel all cozy and happy just to think about it. I love the coming time of year, the darker, colder part. These next four months are the best of the year, and I so look forward to it.


2 thoughts on “Autumn (and relief) is coming soon (I hope)

  1. i also look forward to a break in the heat. August takes forever to end, and September often extends the summer through our fall. Finally, October will arrive and bring our brief taste of fall and the changing of the colors, similar to the photo your posted. I’m ready.

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