No break from the heat

It’s been a long, terrifying, wearying week at work for me. With the kids cooped up in the school all week, no recess because of extreme heat warnings, there was no relief for any of the teachers. And, due to the short-sightedness of those who made decisions while this school was being planned, we have only a “multi-purpose room” that serves as both a cafeteria and gymnasium, so it made use of this room for recess impossible at a critical time of day. I read about a local school, one that has an actual “gym,” that is using the recess time for fun inside activities, like hip-hop dancing to fun music, during the time the kids are inside. What fun! I’d even join in! The kids love it. Sadly, this is not an option for our school.

We all hope that the heat goes away soon, but teachers especially do. It is intense enough working with children all day, every day, but to have absolutely no break is not good for anyone.


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