Transport by the bus

Remember that one time on the bus, when…? Share your mass transit stories.

Once when I was in Chicago, I rode the public transportation bus. I was amazed that the bus stopped at the place I wanted to get on every 10 minutes, and that it was so convenient and pleasurable to be able to sit and relax in the bus, read, and be delivered almost to the doorstep of the house where I was staying.

I watched interesting buildings over 100 years old flash by the windows as the bus traveled through the city. Here in Phoenix, buildings get torn down after 10 years. It seems rather wasteful to me.

I also was observing people and noticed that the women dressed in business attire were also wearing trainers (sneakers) with their skirts and hose. I thought that was so cool, maybe just because I live in such an unsophisticated place as Arizona.

I wish we had real mass transit here, not just “sort of” light rail. The money that was put into the “light rail” should have been invested in the bus system that was already in existence and did not need special equipment on which to travel. The investment in the buses would have made them a convenient and viable option to driving your own car. Today as I sat on the freeway in stalled traffic and watched people’s cars overheat, almost including my own, in the 120° heat, I wondered why we have no mass transit to speak of, and why everything here isn’t solar powered. I guess these ideas would make too much sense. The people in charge here really have no ideas how to properly run a city or a state.

So, I guess I got a little off track, but I must have been “transported” to this tangent via the bus. I am tired of seeing things run poorly, selfishly, wastefully, and illogically, and I think most other people are, too.


One thought on “Transport by the bus

  1. Living in Phoenix does mean that I have no local mass transit tales. As Jo noted, there is a fledgling light rail system in place, but it has a single across town line and doesn’t feed out to the suburbs. And our bus system is limited, also. So, I am a single person car driver by necessity. Dallas did not really have mass transit either, at least back when we lived there.

    When I have traveled, though, I do enjoy mass transit (usually subways). London and Boston are two that we did enjoy. I like the subway in Seoul, too, although I could not understand Korean.

    As for the political themes mentioned above, I will leave those to politicians and Jo.

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