A day’s ride to cool forest

My riding partner, Hal, and I set out on Sunday morning for our weekly day of escape, our day on the motorbikes. As is typical for a summer Sunday, I chose the road bike, my BMW F800ST. I appreciate so much the opportunity to ride it far and fast, and I take advantage of that whenever I can.

We left town, headed up Hwy. 87, the Beeline Hwy., on the way to Payson, where we ate breakfast at our favorite place to eat there, the Crosswinds Restaurant at Payson Airport. It was crowded, filled with people, and many airplanes were out on the tarmac. Here are a couple of planes that were there:

Blue sky, white clouds, white planes

At breakfast I got my weekly allotment of things I shouldn’t have: I ate two eggs and four pieces of bacon, not to mention an English muffin and potatoes. Enough to justify a week of dancing hard in Zumba classes! (I love them.)

So, we left, then rode north toward Pine and Strawberry, AZ, then continued toward and past Clint’s Well, and beyond that, to Hal’s property where he hopes to build a cabin someday. We found many interesting things in that small acre, and also in the national forest nearby.

Scraggly dead tree

Lichen-covered rock

Arch of needles

Cacti among pine needles

A ray of sunlight sought, and found, this delicate flower

Developing clouds. Sadly, we did not run into rain this time.

A whorl of wood. Or is that a unicorn's lost horn?

At first glance, this looks like just another dead tree

Further exploration reveals a tale of a lightning strike

Elk and deer traverse this area regularly. Apparently, so do quads.

After the quiet break in the woods, we got back on the bikes and rode toward Camp Verde on the 260, a lovely road for joyful, carefree riding. We rode to just before we got to Camp Verde, then turned around and rode the 260 in reverse, not only because it is a great road, but neither one of us wanted to go home via the hot, crowded, ugly old I-17. So, we rode back through Strawberry and Pine again, through Payson, then down the 87, which wasn’t too bad until after Sunflower. Then the hideous heat rose in waves from the pavement and it was hot all the way home. I will sure be glad when August is over.

It was a great riding day nonetheless, and always a great escape.


One thought on “A day’s ride to cool forest

  1. I knew you guys were good riders, but you caught me off guard. You said you “turned around and rode the 260 in reverse.” I did not even know motorcycles had reverse. Or maybe you meant you rode backwards and looked over your shoulder the whole way? Either way, y’all are good.

    With the temps hovering in the 115’s right now, I am ready for August to be over, also. And I am not even riding a bike with no A/C. Whew!

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