Weekly photo challenge: “Entrance”

How to make an entrance:

Death Valley Candy Co., Beatty, NV


2 thoughts on “Weekly photo challenge: “Entrance”

  1. You could also have chosen a photo of the Grand Canyon or Three Patriarchs in Zion and said this was a place that can entrance (as in to fill with delight wonder or enchantment). Still, that is a cool little castle. Was the candy good?

    • Yes, that is a good idea, too! And yes, the candy was good! I was not going to buy any and I didn’t. I thought it would get crushed by the week of being in my bag on the motorcycle. But, on the last night, Hal gave me a surprise – he bought me a huge bag of rock candy, the clear kind that is my favorite!! And, it made it home okay. I still have some left, not very much, but some.

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