Off to a good start

Today was  the first day of school, and I have a great class! We are off to a good start. It was the first day and I am super tired. I have to get back to being used to talking and standing all day.

The kids were so good today, and I hope they keep it up. We have a lot of material to cover this year and I hope to make it fun and interesting for them.

Off to bed. Tomorrow is another day.


2 thoughts on “Off to a good start

  1. My wife teaches first grade and she has a good class, although she knows she was passed a couple of Big B’s (behavior problems), and three Little B’s. So far, though, she is still implementing the discipline and they are kind of scared of her. I;’m sure that will pass soon.

    It is good news that your class was OK on the first day. Good luck with that.

    • Well, a couple of the halos slipped today on a couple of the little angels, but I knew they would. Overall, they’re still a good class, and it should be a fun year. 🙂

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